Muslims in Sri Lanka have lived here for centuries in peaceful coexistance and have never supported terrorist or seperatist groups. Since the end of the war it is neccesary that all people unite to develop a modern and peaceful society.

Initially Muslim Forum For Coexistance, Sri Lanka was formed by a Group of Concerned Professionals and Social Workers to promote Peaceful Coexistance, Harmony and Better Understanding amongst the people of Sri Lanka. By presenting our view point in a reasonable and moderate manner we wish to counter the various mis information being spewed out by Hate and Racist Sites on the WWW which seek to create misunderstandings and arouse religous and communal tensions in Sri Lanka.

Next Month, July 2013, we will complete 12 mths of blogging on this topic. We have also gathered much support from the Adherents of other Faiths and would now like to change the focus of this blog from a Blog highlighting Muslim issues to a Blog promoting the Peaceful Coexistance amongst all communities. Hence we will focus on problems of ethnic and religous discrimination being faced by all races and religons in Sri Lanka. By hearing the view points of people belonging to all races and religons we can best understand each other and learn to live in peaceful coexistance. Hence this Blog will henceforth be called the ‘Forum for Peaceful Coexistance in Sri Lanka’.



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  1. A G A Kaiyoom says:

    Pls check the genuinity of the to days derana press reading 27/11 regarding the an issue of Kalutara south ??? according to the press readin 4 mus boys raped a sinh girls

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