Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Proposals for Constitutional Reform – 2016

The HRCSL is of the view that deepening constitutional protection of human rights requires much more than the incorporation of a substantively rich constitutional Bill of Rights into a future constitution. Two critically important dimensions that require attention in the reform process are:

a) the guaranteeing of a sound system of separation of powers and checks and balances;
b) strong regulation of the public security regime
Specific Proposals
1. Constitutional Principles
Foundational constitutional principles must be articulated either in the preamble to the
constitution or as a substantive provision:
Sovereignty of the people should be foundation of governance
Transparency and accountability of governance
Supremacy of the constitution
Respect for pluralism, equality of dignity and inherent human rights of the people as individuals and as groups
Respect for religious freedom of all
Respect for social justice
Power sharing
Protection of the rights of future generations with special emphasis on environmental protection including protection of all animal species

Read the full report here

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