Muslim Representatives met UN Special Rapporteur Izsak Rita at UN office in Sri Lanka

RRT Lawyers with Community leaders met lk Special Rapporteur on minority issues of the United Nations Human rights council Mrs. Izask-Ndiaye Rita and discussed the issues faced by Muslims in Sri Lanka.
Particularly following matters.

1. Proposed Constitution reforms and Muslim representation to Parliament.
2. Amendments and preservation of Personal Law.
3. Dambulla Masjid and Land issue
4. Grandpass Mosque issue
5. Mummana Muslim School ground issue.
6. Need of commission on Aluthgama related incidents.
7. Inaction by police on complaints made on Hate preachers.
8. Delay in conclusion of death inquest ofAluthgama and BBS related cases.
9. Dehiwala Borelesgamuwa and Bathiya Mawatha Masjid cases.
10. Many other Muslim community related issues.

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