Al-Quds Minister Looks Forward to a Bigger Role for the OIC with the Opening of its Office in Palestine


The minister and governor of Al-Quds, Engineer Adnan El-Huseini, expressed his appreciation of the OIC Secretary General, Iyad Ameen Madani, for taking the steps to open an OIC office in Palestine in implementation of Resolution 42/40 adopted by the 42nd session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers held in Kuwait from 27 – 28 May 2015. He stated that opening the office was a major turning point for what the OIC will do in the future with respect to the Palestinian issue in general, and Al-Quds, in particular.

Minister El-Huseini said this during his visit to the OIC Representative in the State of Palestine in Ramallah on Saturday, 23 July 2016, where he was received by Attorney Ahmad El-Ruwaidhi, the office director and OIC representative in Palestine.

El-Huseini said that he looked forward to an enhanced role for the OIC in Al-Quds and to follow up various issues, particularly those related to Al-Quds. He added that it was important to act at the international level through the OIC in order to protect the holy sites and provide urgent protection to the Palestinians in Al-Quds because of the dangerous violations they face. El-Huseini discussed with the staff of the OIC office the possibility of enhancing the role of OIC institutions with a view to coordinating and working with the ministry and the governorate and ensuring that the people and institutions of Jerusalem feel practical change in the role of the OIC, particularly after the opening of its representative office in Palestine.

El-Ruwaidhi explained to the minister the functions of the OIC representative office in the State of Palestine in the political, media and developmental fields and the relationship with official Palestinian agencies, civil society institutions and private sector. El-Ruwaidhi said that the representative office would work with all Palestinian institutions to enhance the role of Islamic countries in supporting the Palestinian national project as well as economic and social structure. He added that the work of the office would focus on the City of Al-Quds and particularly on protecting its institutions, holy sites and peoples.

Both sides agreed to hold periodic meetings to follow up on Israeli violations in Al-Quds and on implementation of OIC development-related resolution for the city. The ministry willprovide the OIC, through its office in Ramallah, with all reports as well as urgent and necessary projects to be executed.

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