Colombo Magistrate Court No 2 – Borella Jumma Masjid stoning case


Police filed charges under Section 410 & 291 of Penal Code. All 5 accused wanted to pay compensation to mosque for damages and tender unconditional apology. They informed courts that they are repenting of what they did.

Shiraz Noordeen with four other lawyers appearing for Trustees of Borella Jumma Masjid informed courts that trustees are willing to accept the apology since accused are repenting of what they did and also to pay Rs. 50000/- compensation to Borella Wajiraganarama Buddhist Center headed by Ven. Watipana Sunanda Himi.

Mr. Noordeen further informed this was done in view of coexistence and goodwill gesture towards other religions. And islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.

Further Mr. Noordeen thanked the police for excellent investigation & unbiased conduct in this case.

Trustees too accept the unconditional apology since accused informed courts of their repentance.

Hon.Judge ordered accused to pay Rs. 50000/- said temple and to produce the receipt to registrar of courts. Further warned accused of serious repercussions if they repeat same.

Shiraz Noordeen, Rusdhi Habib, ACM Ismail and Rameez Basheer for Borella Jumma Masjid.

Padmapriya Ranawaka appeared for the accused.

Rikaz Haji and Awhter Haji represented the Masjid.

Case concluded after recording the settlement.


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