Rajapaksa Regime Gave Millions Worth Free Rides To Militant Buddhist Monks And Journalists


Abusing tax payer money the former Urban Development Minister Wimal Weerawansa gave millions of rupees worth of free rides to both militant Buddhist monks and Journalists.

The convener of the militant Buddhist monk brigade Ravana Balaya Iththakande Saddhatissa had been given three vehicles a month amounting to almost Rs 2 million a year, whilst prominent Irida Lankadeepa journalist Prasanna Sanjeewa Thennakoon of the Wijeya Group’s vehicle cost was over Rs 800,000. These figures only for 2014.

These facts were revealed by Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando when the no confidence motion against Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake was been debated in parliament yesterday.

The militant Budhhist monk’s three vehicles were rented at a monthly cost of Rs 45,000 each with an annual fuel costing of Rs 386,742. On the other hand journalist Thennakoon’s monthly vehicle rental cost was Rs 38,000 with an annual fuel cost of Rs 373,253 being paid by the Urban Development Authority.

It is yet to be established as to on what basis these vehicles were rented for both monk Iththakande Saddhatissa and Wijeya Group journalist Thennakoon, as they have no direct involvement with the Urban Development Ministry.

This revelation is contrary to the earlier audit report where it was stated that the militant monk Iththakande Saddhatissa was given only one vehicle.

“This reveation is only from the former Minister Weerawansa’s UDA Ministry. We don’t know how many more other monks and journalists benefited through the other ministries. These must be investigated by the Yahapalanaya government too” said an anti corruption activist.


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