PRC Report released

As the Chairman I wish to place on record my grateful thanks to all those who took part in the process of carrying out our mandate. Special thanks are due to over two thousand five hundred persons who appeared before us some representing large organizations to make submissions and those who made written representations.

It is with deep sense of satisfaction that I place on record my deep gratitude to the Members of the Committee: Mr. S. Winston Pathiraja (Secretary), Mr. Faisz Musthapha, Prof. A. M. Navaratna Bandara, Prof. M. L. A. Cader, Mr. N. Selvakkumaran, Hon. S. Thavarajah, Mr. Kushan D’Alwis, Dr. Harini Amarasuriya, Dr.Kumudu Kusum Kumara, Mr. Sunil Jayaratne, Dr.Upul Abeyratne, Mr. Themiya L. B. Hurulle, Mr. S. Vijesandiran, Mr. M. Y. M. Faiz, Mrs. M. K. Nadeeka Damayanthi, Ms.Kanthie Ranasinghe, Mr. S. C. C. Elankovan, and Mr. Sirimasiri Hapuarachchiall of whom dedicated themselves to the enormous task of reaching the people all over the country, getting their views and last but not the least studying their submissions and preparing the report in a very short period of time under trying circumstances, with extremely limited resources, at great sacrifice, in an honorary capacity.

How the members of the Committee handled this difficult task needs to be recorded. Visiting twenty five districts within a period of six weeks in itself was an achievement. Going through about four thousand oral and written submissions, was a gigantic task but all of us stood together, worked day and night forgetting everything else in life. I wish to place on record my grateful thanks to Mr. Charitha Ratwatte, Mr. Saman Ekanayake, Secretary to the Hon. Prime Minister and his Additional Secretary and Assistant Secretaries for the help given to us to make our task possible. I have to thank the staff at our office at Visumpaya for their dedicated and selfless service to get our mandate fulfilled. I must thank my Secretary Miss. Ranga Jayasundera and her staff (list annexed) who worked tirelessly to get the Visumpaya office moving.

I also thank UNDP for equipment/supportwith the V-Force. UN Volunteers Sadhani Rajapaksha, Vimukthi Caldera and the team of about sixty V-Force volunteers (list annexed), who helped in summarizing the submissions and preparing the on line data base.

I thank Mr. V. K. Nanayakkara for copy editing the report and the Government Printer Mr. Gamini Fonseka for getting the report printed at short notice and for his excellent work.

I also wish to thank all the District Secretaries’, officials and staff members of District Secretaries for making arrangement for our sittings at district level, the electronic and print media for their unhesitant support to carry our message regarding Constitutional Reforms to the masses.

Last but not the least, I thank Mr. S. Winston Pathiraja our Secretary for handling the management of our process with much dedication.

Lal Wijenayake
Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reform
10 May 2016

Read the complete report here PRC Report-English-Final

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