Jakarta Summit supports the Palestinian reconciliation, calls for banning products of settlements and endorses Abbas’ call for an international peace conference

The Fifth Extraordinary Islamic Summit concluded in the Indonesian capital Jakarta expressing support for the call made by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to convene an international peace conference to end the Israeli occupation as an essential step towards ending the unsustainable and volatile situation, which would promote calm and revive hope in a peaceful solution to end occupation, and allow the Palestinian people to live in freedom and dignity in their Palestinian State, with Al-Quds as its capital. The resolution adopted by the Summit also affirmed the OIC Member States’ central role in taking all necessary measures at all levels to provide protection for the Palestinian people and safeguard the sanctity and status of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, in particular Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound. It further reaffirmed that “the Member States stand firm in their defense of the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound”, and cautioned against any measures that would affect its sanctity as an exclusive right of Muslims, including its surface, underground and environs.

The resolution also expressed support for the Palestinian reconciliation under the chairmanship of President Abbas, calling for continuing efforts at all fronts to end the illegal and immoral blockade Israel imposes on the Gaza Strip. It reaffirmed the resolve to continue efforts at the UN Security Council to ensure that the latter upholds its duties consistent with its Charter and assumes its legal and moral responsibilities to ensure accountability for illegal actions perpetrated by the occupying Power, regretting the Council’s failure to uphold its duties vis-à-vis the Palestinian cause. On the other hand, the Summit called on all Member States and on the international community to ban the products of Israeli illegal settlements from their markets, and to take measures against entities and individuals involved in and/or taking advantage of the advancement of the occupation and settlement regime; and to include settler leaders in the list of terrorists and criminals to be brought before international justice.

The resolution also called on all OIC Member States to engage with the cause of Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the primary cause in international fora, including the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council; urging them to honor their commitments to provide necessary support and assistance to Palestine’s efforts to join international institutions and treaties, including full membership in the United Nations. Following the closing of the Summit, the President of Indonesia, H.E. Joko Widodo, the President of Palestine, H.E. Mahmoud Abbas, and the OIC Secretary General, H.E. Iyad Ameen Madani, held a press conference in which they all highlighted the importance of the Palestinian cause. President Widodo presented a briefing on the decisions of the Summit, particularly the decision to support holding an international peace conference for the two-State solution, and condemned Israeli measures and violations. For his part, President Abbas commended Indonesia for hosting the Summit in Jakarta; while the Secretary General stated that the Summit reaffirmed the strong presence of the Palestinian cause in the Islamic world and that its convening in Jakarta confirmed its profound Islamic significance.


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