CID meets Police Top Brass

By Premalal Wijeratne

The country’s Judiciary having determined last Thursday that the death of Sri Lanka rugby star Wasim Thajudeen was a murder led to an emergency meeting of Police top brass being convened by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).
A top Police Officer told this newspaper that the CID was investigating how a defender carrying four high-ranking security forces personnel had reached Kirulapona on the day and time that the former rugby player was murdered.

He said, the CID was also investigating how another top Police Officer had attempted to mislead a group of officers from the Narahenpita Police Station leading the Thajudeen murder inquiry into believing that the… …player’s death had been caused in an accident and was not a murder.
The CID sources said that a probe has been launched to identify those involved in creating this false picture of how Thajudeen came by his death with the intention of deceiving the public into thinking that it was not a murder.

The probe is also focused on identifying those who were responsible for getting rid of evidence pointing to the fact that Thajudeen had been murdered and to shield those who were responsible for the gruesome killing with the connivance of prominent people of the previous regime.
CID sources said that statements have been recorded from 20 Police Officers including those who had carried out initial inquiries into the late player’s killing on 12 May 2012.

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