Defendants asked to file objections in cattle slaughter case

Lakmal Sooriyagoda

The Colombo District Court yesterday, ordered the Minister of Justice and Buddhist Affairs and the Attorney General to file objections regarding a lawsuit which sought an order directing the authorities to introduce a methodology which would avoid pain and minimize the sufferings of cattle slaughtered at abattoirs in Sri Lanka.

The defendants were ordered to file their objections on or before May 3. Colombo District Judge T.D. Gunasekara made this order, consequent to a civil application filed by the Swarna Bopitiya Foundation President Ms. Bopitiyage Dona Swarnalatha through Attorney-at-Law R.P. Bandula.

In this lawsuit, the plaintiff had cited Justice and Buddhist Affairs Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe and the Attorney General as defendants.

The plaintiff further sought an order directing the authorities that laws against slaughter of pregnant cows be empowered.

In her plaint, the plaintiff stated that she was ready to donate two animal slaughter machines in order to minimize animal’s suffering. She said countries such as the Republic of Chine used this methodology.

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