OIC: Don’t link terror to Islam

Saudi Gazette report

New York — The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) stressed that violent extremism and terrorism undermine its common goal to live in a peaceful and prosperous world, Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to UN Ambassador Abdullah Al-Moallemi said here on Friday.

Addressing the General Assembly on behalf of OIC countries, Al-Moallemi said that no country in the world is insulated against violent extremism and terrorism.

The UN General Assembly was meeting to discuss a draft resolution for supporting the secretary general’s plan to combat violent extremism.
The Saudi envoy expressed the OIC support for all efforts to prevent violence, extremism and terrorism.

The OIC stressed that any comprehensive and preventive approach to violent extremism should deal with domestic and foreign motives in a balanced manner, rejecting all attempts to link any country, race, religion, culture or nationality with it.

There is no agreed-upon definition of violent extremism.

“The international efforts must respect principles of the UN Charter. Terrorism can not only be combatted by the security or military might, but by all possible means at the political, economic, social and intellectual levels,” Al-Moallemi added.

“The OIC stresses the importance of integrating young men and women into efforts and processes of decision-making regarding violent extremism. The youth are the future of society. Failure to protect their rights can contribute to creating a fertile ground for crime and violent extremism to prosper,” he added.

Al-Moallemi said that the OIC expresses its grave concern over growing intolerance and discrimination against Muslims which lead to escalation of Islamophobia.

“In this regard, the OIC calls upon all member states to curb religious discrimination, hostility or violence. It stresses the importance of dialogue among religions and cultures,” he added.

OIC: Don’t link terror to Islam

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