Ramanya Nikaya wants Kathikawatha Bill adopted with amendments

The Theravadi Bhikkhu Kathikawatha Bill is a result of requests made to the government for a long time by the Mahanayake Theras and members of Karaka Maha Sangha Sabhas. Its adoption with amendments will be of great assistance towards the future progress of the Sasana, said The Most Ven. Napane Pemasiri Mahanayake Thera of the Sri Lanka Ramanne Maha Nikaya.

“This Bill had today elicited favourable and opposing views among the laity and clergy and therefore subjecting it to a wide dialogue and discussion would be a useful exercise he said. This would help differentiate between good and bad clauses in it and facilitate its adoption which is a timely need,” the Mahanayake Thera said.

The Mahanayake said the interpretation given by critics to the effect that this Bill is intended to control the Maha Sangha was wrong and improper. Although the Mahanayake Theras could take decisions against Bhikkhus violating Vinaya rules, implementation of such decisions faced problems. Therefore, the adoption of this Kathikawatha Bill and framing of such Bills by the respective Nikayas giving them legal status was both timely and proper. He said the Special Administrative Broad of the Ramanne Nikaya met at the Sri Lanka Vidyala Maha Viharaya Maradana on January 22 and adopted a resolution that the Kathikawatha Bill should be adopted in Parliament with amendments.


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