Declaration of Unity by All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

It is a known fact that the Muslims who have been living for over a thousand years in Sri Lanka carry out their religious rituals and obligations cohesively and without any obstacles, according to the views of ‘Ahlus SunnathWal Jama’ath’.

Moreover, the branches of various Thareekas as well as Da’wah organizations have been striving for the spiritual fortification of the community throughout its long history here.

Although few minor disagreements do exist over different views and interpretations among these factions, their overall objectives had been identical and hitherto, there were no serious conflicts among them that could impede the general accord of the Muslim community.
However, upon observing certain recent unpleasant incidents that occurred in the name of the religion, it gives grave concerns about the core unity of the community. The All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama strongly believes that it is the urgent call of the hour and is an irrefutable religious obligation to act at once for the restoration of the accord among the entire Muslim community. Consequently, the ACJU has been active, since August 2009, to plan and initiate various actions.

Accordingly, one of the noteworthy initiations it has taken is establishing a body consisting of renowned Islamic religious scholars who represent various accepted Islamic schools of thoughts and Da’wah organizations present in this country. This body which will be functioning under the designation Council of Cooperation and Coordination. Prominent Ulama who represent Tharikas, All Ceylon Thableegh Jama’ath, Jama’athe Islami along with the other Thowheed Institutions will be the members of this Council.

During several sittings, an array of important issues were thoroughly analyzed by the gathered Islamic intellects and it was unanimously agreed upon that it is of paramount importance to reestablish the unity in the Ummah. Furthermore, certain guidelines also were established upon the unanimous consent ensuring to see that no similar unpleasant incidents ever occur in the name of the religion in this country. Our Imams as well as Islamic scholars have given us ample guidance on how to act during disagreements. By following these guidelines we will be able to continue our spiritual life while tolerating the different views.

Read the Declaration at

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