OIC welcomes the UN Plan of Action to prevent violent Extremism

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) welcomes the United Nations Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism and assures its support for all such international and regional efforts aimed at combating violent extremism and achieving global peace and security.

The UN Secretary General’s Report and remarks at the General assembly today, seeking a new global partnership in this regard, rightly uphold the need for a particular attention to addressing the causes of violent extremism which the OIC has always been calling for.

The OIC has been advocating its position on the question of countering and preventing extremism, violent extremism and terrorism based on the following principles:

• That the phenomenon of extremism, violent extremism and terrorism has no religion, race or ethnicity;
• That it cannot be tackled by security and military means alone. Extremism grows within the context of an economic, social and political environment. It is thus essential that contexts that provide conducive conditions for the spread of terrorism and violent extremism such as occupation, deprivation, exclusion, discrimination, marginalization, forced disintegration of political, legal, social and cultural institutions are addressed with equal vigour ;
• That it is important to take into consideration the respect for human rights. Extremism flourishes when human rights are violated ;
• That collateral damage and human catastrophe in the counter terrorism operations must be avoided because they refuel extremism and radicalization ;
• That the international community should also be watchful of the potential and machinations of external actors penetrating terrorist and extremist groups for the purpose of their own political agendas.

It must also be added that the OIC is gravely concerned at the mounting trend of intolerance and discrimination against Muslims, resulting into a surge of Islamophobia that is an affront to the human rights and dignity of Muslims.

The OIC Member States are among the countries most affected by terrorism where Muslims are suffering from the scourge of terrorist groups and Islamophobic policies and discourse.

The United Nations Secretary General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent extremism emphasizing balanced implementation of UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy, especially its pillars I and IV, regarding tackling conditions conducive to terrorism and ensuring respect for human rights for all and the rule of law, therefore, is a highly welcome step.

The OIC on this occasion calls upon its Member States to reinvigorate their efforts in countering violent extremism and support the efforts of international community in this regard.


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