False Messages on Halaal Certification allegedly from ‘Mufti M.I.M Rizwe President of ACJU’ are being circulated

This is to inform the general public and Muslims in particular, that false messages using social media, SMS, WhatsApp etc. have been circulated from time to time by some criminal elements with the malicious intention of causing disrepute to the name of popular and prominent consumer products and brands.

Some such false messages alleged that Mufti M I M Rizwe President of All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama (ACJU) had declared as non-halal, certain products and brands of consumer goods. This is totally incorrect!

We emphatically state that ACJU dissociates itself with such messages and confirm that ACJU had ceased issuance of Halal compliant certificates since 2013.12.31 and does not circulate such messages.

We strongly believe that the objectives and purpose of such impersonated false messages are to spread disharmony, propagate discord amongst people and more an attempt to discredit and disfranchise popular local brands of consumer products.

We earnestly request all to be cautious and not to believe in such messages that are being circulated from time by such miscreants and mischievous elements.

We also wish to state that we are not liable, under any circumstances, for the contents and consequences of such contents published by impostors referred to above.

Please note that Halal compliance certification in Sri Lanka is now conducted by Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited.

For further information related to Halal Certification we kindly request the public to contact the HAC Hotline on 0117 425 225.


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