It’s Cobra-le – Not Sinha-le!

By Harishchandra Lokumanna –

“I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world because they’d never expect it” – Jack Handey

It appeared that people for Sri Lanka spoke twice in 2015 ,in words and actions loud and clear that Cobras belong to the Jungle and they have to be dealt with accordingly. BJP (the political wing of BBS) was given a decisive verdict by the electorate in August 2015, by throwing them into dustbins of history and not even one of them were able to retain their deposits. Not even foul mouthed Gnanasara, the Sri Lankan version of Trump and Virathu in one, got more than 650 votes.

But then, evil as he is and his movement, he and his garbage outfit BBS continue to arouse ethnic hatred among the peace loving people of Sri Lanka, specially the Muslims shamelessly even after his utter defeat. He keeps on throwing conjectures all around- suicide jackets and an imminent of an ISIS attack?. It is high-time that the intelligence keep a close eye on these reactionary forces who are likely to create such scenarios and blame them on Muslims.

The recent of such hate campaigns is this ‘Sinhala’Ley movement , which started on social media platforms, such as Facebook, by an extremist group purportedly supportive of the BBS and even former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who along with his brother Gota were their patron saints. Seemingly this movement says that they want to show that Sri Lankans do not bow down to any one or any country and that the blood in their veins are like the lions blood and they do walk with heads held high like brave lions’. But the intentions behind those sticker ,poster and FB campaigns were clearly indicative of their hate leanings and more-so anti-Muslim hate. Recently , many houses in Nugegoda areas were spray painted with ‘Sinha-ley’ and MR’s son Rohitha has apparently commented that “it was sad” to see the “Sinha le” movement becoming like the BBS and offered some advice for it to move in a “Sri Lankan” movement without condemning their actions. There are however clear signs that this campaign is far from patriotic and has all the hall marks of the vicious plans of BBS and their sister hate organizations, which has this time selected a more brainier way of spreading hatred specially towards Muslims, through these nationalist slogans . Thus, Sinhaley is nothing less than venomous Cobra-ley (BBS Origin) . We can see how their political sponsors like Wimal and the Gang (Gammampila, Dinesh etc) are also subtly raising sensitive issues such as ‘the proposed constitution such as prime place in the Constitution for Buddhism may be dispensed with’ stuff even before the national discourse in that area has started. Sinhaley campaign has even spread overseas with many vehicles in the Gulf being seen with Sinhaley stickers. One FB Video/ poster says that ‘ A fervent message to the BBS and the nationalist organizations from Sinhaley –The Island nation of Sinhale ‘page . We ‘Sinhaley opened the eyes of the sleeping Sinhala People. It is upto You to guide them . Guidance from BBS? What nonsense other than pure hatred.? It is alright if the purpose is making Sinhala people aware of their rights, But this campaign shows features of showing aggression towards the ‘other’ by appealing to hate groups like BBS and also trying to devour the identities of others into a ‘Sinhaley identity albeit forcefully. Thus, it is important that this campaign is nipped in the bud and the intelligence keeps an eye on trouble makers and their sponsors and financiers. We know that we Sinhalese are much wiser now but then we have short memories too, don’t we?

Please listen to what this Sinhala youth is trying to say about the dangers of this campaign.

Let me quote Dr E.W. Adhikaram, a well known Sinhala Intellectual,

Isn’t the Nationalist a Mental Patient? Species of birds differ by birth from one another. Between the eagle and the dove, between the quail and the peacock there is a natural difference. Is there such a difference between the Sinhalese and the Tamil, between the Englishman and the German? Unlike birds and animals, all human beings in the world belong to one species only, the human species. In truth there is only one human race: what goes as Sinhalese, Tamil, English and a thousand other nationalities are only designations born out of belief and having no intrinsic significance whatsoever… The main cause for all the wars that took place in the world in the past was this psychological ailment, namely nationalism… Shouldn’t we therefore be free of this insanity of nationalism and thereby cease to be enemies of mankind? Nationalism is not the road to peace.

It is said ‘Once bitten twice shy’. How many times has our Nation being bitten by this racist and hatred ridden campains in our Post- Independent era?. Still, we do not seem to learn we?

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