Swift justice and Iranian objection

Mahmoud Ahmad

On Saturday, we woke up to the news of the execution of 47 terrorists after they were convicted in the court of law and had their time in court. The execution was carried in 12 cities around the Kingdom. The execution was carried out after the convicted had exhausted all their legal options and were found guilty of committing a variety of terrorist attacks and crimes such as targeting civilians as well as military and security personnel, military and security bases, diplomatic and consulate missions and their personnel.

According to the Interior Ministry spokesman, a specialist court set up in 2008 has looked into 2,225 cases against 6,122 people accused of terrorism. Of these, 55 were sentenced to death and 104 appealed against the verdicts. The court also acquitted 163 and compensated them with over SR15 million. Some 243 defendants were provided with lawyers.

The verdicts went through full legal procedures and despite this, there were those, harboring rancor against the Kingdom, very vociferously slamming the execution with the loudest leader being the country with the worst human rights record — Iran. Saudi Arabia does not need to justify or explain to anyone anything. These people were found guilty by the court of law and these verdicts fulfill Shariah and legal requirements, achieve the purpose and objectives of deterrence, and protect society and its security and stability and no one has any right to interfere in the Saudi judicial system.

How many innocent lives were lost at the hands of the convicted terrorists. How many daughters and sons lost their fathers as a result of these people’s terror activities, bombings and shootings. What about justice for them? And those raising their voice for the executed should spare a thought for these people too, who paid dearly for no fault of theirs. The verdict was based on Allah’s Book and the Prophet’s Sunnah. In the Holy Qur’an it says, “And there is for you in legal retribution [saving of] life, O you [people] of understanding, that you may become righteous.”

The Saudi government is to be thanked for the swift and decisive justice that was handed down to these criminals — who were penalized as a result of these crimes that violated human rights and dignity, most prominent of which are the right to live and the right to security — and the sentences quickly carried out. It is within the country’s right to crack down on anyone who is instigating hatred, murder and instability in the country.

A mother, who lost her son in a bombing or shooting by these convicted criminals, is now relieved and has found peace in her heart that justice was carried out. We all know that terror does not distinguish between a Saudi and non-Saudi, a Muslim or non-Muslim, a Shia or Sunni. And the terrorist is only recognized by the act he/she has committed.

What surprised me the most was the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s statement against the execution, especially of Nimr Al-Nimr. I do not know whether Iran was angry that Al-Qaeda members were executed because they had been provided save haven in Iran, or is it because Nimr Al-Nimr is a Shia. We all know that Iran has been interfering in many neighboring nations and smartly playing the sectarian card just to achieve their ideological goals. The best evidence of that diabolical plan is Iraq, where sectarian strife is rife.

In my opinion, it seems that the tone Iran adopted in voicing their dissent was very threatening. The thug in the region thinks that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, forgetting that Saudi Arabia is an independent strong country and does not tolerate interference. Iran’s record and reputation with its constant meddling in Syria, Iraq and Yemen is a clear evidence of their ill intention. They are the No. 1 supporter of instability in the region and will see to it that no Arab country is stable. In addition, they need to be reminded that Nimr is a Saudi citizen who was convicted in a Saudi court and executed in Saudi Arabia, so why is Iran interfering again?

An ignoble person cannot speak of honor and Iran cannot condemn an execution of a man who was found guilty in a court of law. They should focus more on the human right violations committed almost on a weekly basis of killing of people on the streets because they are actively fueling sectarian strife.

Iran, the bad neighbor, should focus on its many internal problems rather than focusing on exporting its terror ideology and creating problems in other people’s countries. They should remember, what goes around comes around and whatever evil deed they plan for others may backfire on them one day.

Saudi Arabia is sending a strong message to all those, who might think in the future of committing terror acts, that an iron fist is waiting for you. Saudi Arabia’s policy of zero tolerance against terror and terrorists is welcomed by all. And citizens are standing in solidarity with the government. We are all now united more than ever. We call on the government to carry out justice without hesitation.

The writer can be reached at mahmad@saudigazette.com.sa


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