Halal certification promoted as shortcut to doing profitable business

by Mohammed Haniff

Sri Lankan entrepreneurs could have an unbelievable world-market for their products in at least fifty countries, mostly Muslim, if Halal certifications are obtained, a top official of the Halal Accreditation Council (HAC) disclosed yesterday.

“Regardless of a businessman’s religion or ethnicity, the HAC does the certifications with only one objective in mind – let all Sri Lankans benefit,” the HAC official said explaining that more than 80% of the certifications issued to date were for products of companies owned or mostly managed by Non-Muslims.

“The World Halal Food Council,” he pointed out “has more than fifty members from different countries and we by joining the prestigious group brings about greater business benefits through direct business efforts and networking.”

According to the official, the HAC has issued certification to more than 140 business establishments in Sri Lanka and applications of 40 more were pending certification.

“The number keeps on increasing, and we get about eight to ten applications for HAC certification a month,” the official, a qualified and senior food technologist of HAC told The Island.

To create awareness of the benefits that could be derived following HAC certification, the Non-Profit organisation registered with the Registrar of Companies published a fortnight back two booklets titled “Introduction to Halal Accreditation Council” and “Global Halal Industry Overview,” the official in the Technical Department of HAC added.

The Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited, or HAC, is the only entity certifying and conducting professional and internationally accepted compliance audits for Halal standards in Sri Lanka. It was established in January 2014.

Earlier certifications were done directly by the All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama (ACJU) and drew much criticism a section of Sri Lankans.


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