US-Israel first time on the Back foot

By Dr. Javed Jamil, The Milli Gazette Online

Published Online: Oct 31, 2015

Things seem to moving with breathtaking speed. West-Nuclear Treaty, Refugee Crisis, Russian Intervention in Syria, Blair “Apology”, threat of another Intifada in Israel, Israel’s attempts to silence it through negotiations rather than an all-out attack and through certain measures on the Al-Aqsa Mosque campus, and now Obama administration’s statement that it would like to see Iran getting involved in the Syria talks — this sequence leaves no room for doubt that for the first time in several decades, America-Israel nexus seems to have gone on the back foot. It seems to be on a compromising rather than aggressive mood. The attempts are on to salvage the reputation of the US and its former allies like Tony Blair. The public mood in the West especially in Europe is fast changing against the West-Europe nexus.

Tony Blair has attracted international news highlights by his “apology”, which in fact is no apology at all, and is a mere gimmick aimed at diluting the role of West in the rise of ISIS. Blair does not feel sorry for the removal of Saddam Hussain, something which International Law recognises as a crime, because it does not allow forced regime change. But America and its allies have done this crime again and again – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Egypt where it succeeded. It failed to repeat its “successes” in Syria. Blair failed to apologise for the massive destruction of life and property in Iraq leaving more than 2 million deaths. Nobody is there to demand his trial in the International Court for crimes against humanity. George Bush and he deserve severest punishment for the colossal loss of life. America and Britain must tell the world how they can be made to compensate for this crime. What he feels sorry about is his assumption that the intervention in Iraq has resulted in the rise of ISIS. No, Mr Blair. The rise of ISIS is not a side effect of Iraq invasion but a deliberate, planned strategy to topple another regime, that of Bashar al Assad. The strategy was simple. Let ISIS remove Assad, and once it is done, West will move in to remove ISIS and install a pro-Israel regime. Refugee crisis would be used as the reason for this action. But smart moves by Russia-Iran duo undid the whole plan.

It was more than a couple of years back that I had written an article entitled, “Thanks to Syria, We are back to Bipolar World”. At that time, hardly anyone believed my word. The things have however changed so rapidly within last couple of months that more and more people will now be inclined to think that bipolar world is now the reality. For more than decades, the world continued to be unipolar with America remaining unchallenged in its hegemony of the world. The whole of West, willingly or unwillingly, bowed to its diktats. It had become so unipolar that “international “almost always meant Western, or more specifically, American. American opinion was always right. It was changing regimes at will. The Islamic World was the worst sufferer. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt – all succumbed to its bombs. Syria was the only remaining country in the Arab World, which had refused to fall. It had the backing only of Iran, which has been a thorn in American and Israeli eyes since its Islamic Revolution, and a tacit one of Russia. America with the help of Western and Arab allies decided to export heavily armed rebellion to Syria. Syrian Government under Assad was held responsible for all the bloodshed that followed, and he was presented to the world as a cruel dictator killing its own people. While American interventions did take hardly any time to succeed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Egypt, all the Western and Arab wealth, money and West-trained fighters failed to topple Assad. His military and majority of the nation was solidly behind him. With the entry of Hezbolalh around two years back, things changed fast in favour of Assad. The ISIS which had the backing of West till then, even if they did not want it to seize power, slipped to Iraq occupying a large area. Within no time, it was declared the most dangerous terrorist organisation of the world. But it was an enemy only in Iraq. It was still a close military if not a political ally in Syria. Two years of apparent campaign by the West yielded hardly any results as far as the strength of ISIS was concerned. West would not act against it till Assad was not removed.

With West-Iran nuclear treaty, things took a quick turn. Instead of coming close to Washington, Tehran chose to isolate it. European delegation, political and business, started pouring in Tehran. Europe saw in it an opportunity to come out of its Economic Crisis. It was time for Moscow to enter the scene with a bang. It had the backing of Iran, and the two were confident of keeping Europe away. Taking advantage of Western campaign against ISIS, it started its military mission in Syria with air bombardment. Within two months, ISIS has been hit hard beyond repair. Now, the international media seems to have gone silent on the cruelty of ISIS. While striking targets in Syria, Putin has shown hardly any respect for American concerns. The world is not today what it was two months back.

Obama Administration’s hopes, coming almost to the level of pleading, of Iran getting involved in Syrian talks shows how helpless it has become in the face of the fast changing scenario. Till now, it was not ready to accept Iran as a regional player and as one that has any right to be part of the dialogue. Now it is almost pleading with the Iran Government to come and join. This is despite the fact that it knows Iran would insist only on a political solution with the change of regime being no pre-condition. America is on the defensive. It does not hope to have West on board as was the case in previous years. Europe is finding the US a burden rather than an asset. The Super Power can no longer hope to remain the Dictator of the world it continued for several decades. It will now have to learn to go along with the other powers.

Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Qur’anic Paradigms of Sciences & Society” (First Vol: Health), “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. Read more about him at Facebook page: He can be contacted at doctorforu123$

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