Repressive and disproportionate force exerted by Israeli military in H1 Hebron

Published on Oct 4, 2015

As tensions continue to rise surrounding heightened closures, restrictions, and attacks to Palestinian’s right to worship at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the killing of Palestinian teenager Hadeel in Hebron, the fatal shooting of an Israeli couple on a settler road near Nablus, and the recent stabbings in Jerusalem’s Old City, clashes continue relentlessly in Hebron.

Clashes have been daily at Bab iz Zaweyeh, with a day of respite yesterday.

The ‘normality’ of the complete abnormality of this illegal and repressive military occupation is clear in this video. While injuries are sustained from the torrent of rubber-coated steel bullets fired by the Israeli military – into what is usually a busy market square – onlookers stand by as their shops have no choice but to close, some continue with their work – cleaning the streets, selling their vegetables – and some continue to try and drive their cars through the roads in this area of H1 (supposedly PA-controlled area of Hebron).

Clashes began with small to teenage boys throwing stones at the towering checkpoint 56 which separates one Palestinian neighborhood from another. These are boys living under occupation, expressing anger and rage at being occupied by one of the most powerful military’s in the world, even in the small sections of West Bank that are supposedly under the control of the PA. In response, Israeli forces began by firing rubber-coated steel bullets into crowds, which include small to teenage boys throwing stones, those going about their shopping, their work or their journey home. Two Palestinians were injured immediately, shown in this video. Israeli forces soon also threw stun grenades into the square as they later left the checkpoints and rooftops to occupy the streets, and roll a burning tire away from the checkpoint.

As the streets began to clear, with many in the busy market place leaving, some moving to the sides, and the arrival of the Palestinian press, Israeli forces continued to fire rubber-coated steel bullets, moving further into the streets of H1 Hebron, and occupying a makeshift barricade from which snipers were crouched behind. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers began to illegally check the ID of those driving cars in their streets, while threateningly pointing live ammunition at drivers, also shown in this video.

Teargas followed later, reaching even to the CPT apartment, approximately half a km away from Bab iz Zaweyeh. Clashes appear only just now – at 8:15pm to have subsided – having began at approximately 2pm.

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