Myanmar election body rejects pro-Rohingya parliamentary candidates

Tuesday 08 Sep 2015

Arakan (IINA) – Myanmar Election Commission has rejected 17 candidates of the pro-Rohingya Muslims from Democratic and Human Rights Party (DHRP), under complete and systematic exclusion of Muslims and their supporters from the political scene.
The party’s leaders stressed that the government of Myanmar is conspiring against their party, and is working to exclude it from the political process. They said that the rejection of the candidates who had filed to run for parliamentary seats on November 8, will lead to the disbandment of the party, as it is required to put forth at least three candidates.
Myanmar Supreme Commission for Elections decided to bar Shwe Maung, a Rohingya lawmaker from the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), from running again in November parliamentary election, according to Alukah network.
Maung, who was elected a deputy of the USDP in the parliamentary election held in 2010, was rejected on the pretext that his parents were not citizens of Myanmar when he was born. He rejected this claim and decided to appeal the decision, saying: “My father and my mother got citizenship since 1957, and my father served as a policeman at the General Directorate of Security,” local media reported.

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