Academic progress of the Muslim Schools in Colombo – Discussion at the ACJU

A special discussion, chaired by Ash Sheikh Mufthi M.I.M Rizwe, under the theme, “Discussion on the academic progress of the Muslim Students in Colombo”, held at the ACJU Head Office on the 6th of September 2015, with the School Principals of the Colombo District and the NGOs operating for the academic development of Muslim community.

The event was compiled and presented by Ash-Sheikh A.M. Khalid Mahmud, the Coordinator of the Educational Committee of the ACJU, who explained in detail about the state of education of the Muslim Schools in the Colombo District, and about the report on a research on the physical needs, and the conclusions made therein.

Ash Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak, the General Secretary of the ACJU, in his Welcome address, said, he desires to do a long time participation in the progress of the education of Muslims community in the country, and as the first stage with the development of Muslim schools in the Colombo District.

Ash Sheikh A.C. Agar Mohamed, the Vice President of the ACJU, in his main speech explained with clarity the purpose of the sitting that the encouragement programs for Muslim community educational progress, vacancies of Islam Subject teachers to be filled, teaching Islam subject to Muslims studying in non-Muslim schools, making arrangements for filling the shortage of staffs in schools, helping the physical need of schools and helping the poor students for their education. He further said the ACJU is determined for complete participation in helping to develop the education of Muslims in Colombo District schools and requested the principals to pass the actual information on the needs and shortcomings in their respective schools.

Following his speech, the principals and representatives of the private organizations also presented some healthy opinions, the problems they face in the schools and the practical issues, while the private organizations said what ways they could help solve their problems.

Finally, Ash Sheikh Mufthi M.I.M Rizwe, the President of the ACJU, said these types of discussions and the solutions arrived in the past where our Muslim community has achieved positive benefits, and the ACJU will take care of this in future, Insha Allah.

Since this was the inaugural discussion and the effort in finding solution reached more than the expectation the participants joined hands for the follow up Discussions.

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