World Leaders: Lift the Gaza Blockade

For a whole year the Israeli government has restricted basic and essential construction materials from entering Gaza. Not one of the 19,000 homes that were bombed and destroyed has been fully rebuilt.

One year on, around 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza are still homeless, hospitals and schools still lie in ruins, and whole neighbourhoods have no access to running water.

But on the anniversary of the ceasefire — we can help ensure homes and hope are rebuilt.

Our governments have already pledged to rebuild Gaza, and called on the government of Israel to lift the blockade. If we now show them that people everywhere want urgent action to stop this injustice, they are more likely to insist the Israeli government stop hindering reconstruction, and families will be able to build homes and children will finally get their schools back.

Sign the petition and tell everyone — let’s get 1.8 million voices for urgent action, one for each person living in Gaza. Sign This Petition Here

Just 5 percent of the 6,700,000 tons of steel bars, cement and aggregates needed to rebuild what was destroyed since the end of the war has been permitted to enter Gaza. At this rate, it could take 17 years before Gaza is rebuilt.

Palestinian political parties have failed to reconcile and prioritise reconstruction, and Egypt’s closure of its border has further limited supplies entering Gaza. The principal obstacle to reconstruction is Israel’s blockade. While Israel justifies the restrictions on security grounds, the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross have told Israel this blockade is a violation of international law.

By placing restrictions on the movement of people and goods, the blockade is punishing innocent civilians for acts for which they bear no responsibility. There can never be a justification for leaving families without a home and the sick without a hospital.

The media’s eyes are on Gaza right now, and that’ll make politicians more likely to act. Sign the urgent petition on the right — let’s demand our government’s move beyond statements, and ramp up diplomacy.

For further questions check out the Q&A page.


Action Against Hunger (ACF)
Asamblea de Cooperacion por la Paz (ACPP)
Alianza por la Solidaridad
Broederlijk Delen
Christian Aid
COSPE, Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti
CISP-Comitato Internazionale Sviluppo dei Popoli
CCFD-Terre Solidaire
Embrace the Middle East
Fobzu (Friends of Birzeit University)
French Platform of NGOs for Palestine
Heinrich Böll Foundation Palestine/ Jordan Office
HelpAge International
Japan International Volunteer Center Overseas
Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP – UK)
Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
Medico International
Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)
Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)
Pax Christi Flanders
Pax Christi International
Physicians for Human Rights – Israel
Rebuilding Alliance
Secours Islamique France
Terre des Hommes Italy
The Lutheran World Federation
The Swedish Organisation for Individual Relief/ IM – Swedish Development Partner
World Vision International

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