Weerawansa Misused Public Money To Help His Journo And Monk Buddies

An Audit report shows how former Minister for Housing Wimal Weerawansa misused public money to help his buddies namely Iththekande Saddhatissa Thero of “Ravana Balaya” organization and Journalist at “Lankadeepa” Prasanna Sanjeeva Tennekoon.

Wimal Weerawansa shamelessly had taken steps to provide two vehicles, which were obtained by the Housing Ministry on rent to his above two buddies who did not do anything for the Ministry in an official capacity.

The Ministry has paid a monthly rent of Rs.38,000 for the vehicle bearing the number KK-8941 which the Minister had given to Prasanna Sanjeeva for his personal use.

The vehicle PD – 2563 has been given to Saddhatissa for which the ministry has paid a monthly rent of Rs.69,000.

Those who misused public funds and those who have aided such activities can be brought before the law on criminal charges.

It is reported that Sanjeeva has enjoyed perks give to him by various politicians and this has been done with the knowledge and consent of his Director Editorial Siri Ranasinghe.

UPFA Galle district MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena and the former monitoring MP for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been arrested a few months ago by the police Criminal Investigation Department on charges of misusing the vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat.


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