Attempt To Conceal Evidence

By Nirmala Kannangara

Deliberate attempts to hide the facts involving the death of Sri Lanka rugger player Mohommed Wasim Thajudeen over the past one-and-a-half years have now come to limelight, CID source said.

Although the police confirmed that Thajudeen had died as a result of a fire in the vehicle he was travelling, the Government Analyst’s report had stated that carbon monoxide had not been found in Thajudeen’s lungs, which contradicted with the post mortem report.

“We have to consider the Government Analyst’s report as the Narahenpita police investigation team had failed to follow the proper investigation procedure,” sources said on conditions of anonymity.

Thajudeen’s charred body was found on May 17, 2012 on Park Road, Colombo and IGP N. K. Illangakoon had directed the CID in February this year to expedite the investigation into this mysterious death after the Government Analyst’s report was released one-and-a-half years after the death.

According to CID sources, there have been many lapses when conducting the investigation and they queried as to why the investigation team failed to obtain CCTV footage from buildings in the vicinity.

“Unlike in other places, we found out that there were many CCTV cameras around the place the accident occurred. The reasons why the investigators failed to obtain the footage is questionable. They also deliberately failed to obtain the call details of his phone. They also failed to take proper evidence from the neighbourhood and from the security guards at Shalika playground. They also should have obtained evidence from the fire brigade officers and to find out from them the reason the vehicle caught fire,” sources said.

Sources further queried as to why the police team did not suspect any foul play into this death although Thajudeen’s body was found to the left of the driving seat.

“At the post mortem, glass particles had been found on the back of deceased’s knee and the injuries had been caused by a broken bottle. It is also surprising as to why these glass particles were not sent to the Government Analyst and further investigations were not conducted on the matter,” sources claimed.

The Narahenpita police investigation team has also failed to produce the witnesses to the Government Analyst when he came to the scene to check the charred vehicle and the body.

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