Muslim girl named best-dressed student at US school


NEW YORK: A hijab-wearing Muslim of Palestinian descent has been named the best-dressed girl at a school in New Jersey state, according to a website.

Abrar Shahin, a student of Clifton High School, sports a black skirt and skinny jeans, ankle-high boots and a cropped white blazer in her yearbook photo.

Her make-up is just about perfect, capped with plum-toned lip stick, the said.

The website quoted Abrar Shahin as saying that “there are always cheerleaders who win and popular girls.

So I was very surprised it was me, being a hijabi”.

With her trendy style, Shahin, who holds a clothing-store job, has been shattering stereotypes about Muslims, but at the same time observing her religious traditions.

The “best dressed” vote also shows how acceptance has grown at one of the largest and most diverse high schools in the state.

The class of 2015, which graduated on Friday, includes many immigrants and first-generation students whose families hail from across the globe.

Out of the nearly 3,300 students at the Clifton High School, there are 52 per cent Hispanics, 35 per cent whites, eight per cent Asians and five per cent blacks.

Published in Dawn, June 30th, 2015

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