Islamic views on Terrorism


Islam stands for peace, justice, salvation and prosperity in this world and the next through obedience to the Creator, Rabb al Alamein. Its values are based on truth, justice, benevolence and righteousness. Its stand on justice and equity for human being and other creations are uncompromising. Therefore in this remit it is in head on clash with injustice, inequity and oppression whether by individuals, states or non state entities.

Its means of seeking justice and confronting injustice and oppression is through sincere love by raising human understanding and solidarity and not through ignorance and expedience. Unjust, iniquitous and irresponsible means of confronting injustice and oppression itself is abhorred in Islam. Therefore Islam takes the golden means of balance between extremes in advocating good and fighting evil. Islam does not permit bidding good through bad means or permit fighting evil through evil means. It considers any evil means to do good is evil in itself and therefore considers terrorism whether by state or non state entities, perpetrated by Muslims or non-Muslim for good cause or bad as abhorrent and repugnant.

Contrary to Islam, terrorism is defined as ‘use of violence for political purposes’. Terrorism is used as a means of seeking political power or establishing control in society. It is used by both the state and non state entities. Despotic and undemocratic states use state terrorism as means of either establishing political control or to create ‘a state of tension’ in society to cause confusion as a strategy to fight challenges to them. On the other hand victims of state terrorism and those who believe such oppression need to be fought with equally oppressive means resort to terrorism as non state entities. Terrorism is a vicious cycle where state failure to act responsibly, justly and equitably to satisfy citizens rights, victimize citizens and breed grievances. Systemic failure to address these grievances through reasonable democratic channels propels certain citizens to organize to fight for their rights through means that are harmful to both the interests of the state and the citizens. As a consequence, the state quelling such rash actions by disgruntled citizens virtually becomes the point of breeding terrorism by state and non-state entities.

Islam as a religion, politics and power are not alien to it. Indeed power and politics are an integral part of it. Therefore Islam to emerge as a political power is strongly dependent on the combined spiritual and moral foundation of individuals and society based on spiritual values, sense of responsibility, justice, equity, benevolence and human kindness. Political ascendency of Islam cannot be achieved through terrorism as a means as used by other isms like communism, Nazism and capitalism etc. Hence, any notion of using terrorism as a means to make Islam dominant is in itself unIslamic and bound to be rejected by the Ummah in this world and Allah SWT in the next world. Therefore any forms of terrorism whether by Muslim states, individuals or groups are not recognized by Islam and Muslims. Truly believing Muslims would stand in solidarity with the rest of the world to fight against all forms of terrorism perpetrated by any entities whether state, non state, individuals, organizations or groups. The names and acronyms of terror organizations are many; the state and non state terror list is ever growing, terrorism by occupying forces in places like Palestine, state terrorism in countries in the Middle East, terrorism against minorities by racist groups, terrorism by Al Qaida, ISIL & Bokoharam etc are condemned. Muslims must not live with the illusion that pure political Islam sans spiritual/moral foundation and ummatic responsibility would restore peace, justice and eliminate terrorism. Muslims must work hard to establish Brotherhood, Justice and Benevolence to end all forms of terrorism on earth. The only tool of fighting terrorism is through creating awareness and understanding the structure of the society in which one lives and help to foster justice, peace and stand forth against all forms of injustice in solidarity with the oppressed people. Terrorism as perpetrated by the LTTE or transnational terrorism as perpetrated by ISIL does not benefit mankind as a liberating force. Instead it creates chaos ‘Fasaadh’ both locally and internationally. Islam condemns both and any Muslims subscribing to such notions; Islam considers them as rebels to be meted with fitting punishment.

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