Monks Threaten Suicide

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Buddhist monks attached to the Sihala Ravaya have threatened to commit suicide if the government ignores a set of demands put forward by them.

Deputy Chairman of the Sihala Ravaya the Ven. Puliathe Sudharma Thero said that a 16 point proposal has been given to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He said that they hope to seek a meeting with the President to discuss the proposals and are expecting a positive response.

Among the proposals is that all religions in Sri Lanka must follow the state Constitution, clothes which are a threat to national security must be banned, on Poya days all state and private institutions must be closed, Buddhist teachings must be respected, alcohol, drugs, casinos and brothels should be banned.

Ven. Puliathe Sudharma Thero said that the monk who set himself on fire in Kandy on Friday is also a member of the Sihala Ravaya.

He said that they are not scared to commit suicide for their cause and will do so if they fail to receive an acceptable response to the 16 point proposal.

The Sihala Ravaya was recently questioned by the CID about a protest staged outside the ‘No Limit’ store in Maharagama.

Puliathe Sudharma Thero said that CID officers had also visited the homes of some of its members and searched the premises.

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