Bodubalasena trying to divide the Sri Lankan Muslim Ummah

As you all know that when Bodubalasena started violence against Muslims in Sri Lanka, we informed this to the international media. So this organisation is recognized as an organisation that spreads terrorism in Sri Lanka. From this scenario the whole world realized that there are extremists in Sri Lankan Buddhist society.

I believe now they have come up with new strategy. It is making problems among Muslim society. This time their ambition is to divide the Muslim Ummah. They think that if they can divide the Ummah, it will be helpful for their mission to succeed. Day before yesterday (22nd January 2013) they issued a media statement in Sinhala language focusing on this strategy. In this media statement, they slandered against all Muslim organisations mentioned by name and alleged that these all organisations are spreading terrorism in Sri Lanka. These monks are doing this because they know that these Muslim Organizations would never come forward to oppose it.

In this media statement this Buddhist monk mentioned by names who spreading terrorism in Sri Lanka; Kovai Aiyoob, Mufthi Menk, Nurdeen Lemu, P. Jainul Abdeen, Dr. Zakir Naik, Bilal Philips, Munawwar Hattar and Abdulla Raheem Ali, but we know all these are famous Islamic preachers who came to Sri Lanka as visiting lecturers.

And he mentioned names of some organizations and alleged that all these organizations are spreading terrorism in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath SLTJ, All Ceylon Thowheed Jamath ACTJ, Ansar Sunnathul Muhammadiya ASM, Sri Lanka Jamath E Islami SLJI, Dar As Salaf, IIRO, IRO, Al Shabab, Muslim aid, WAMY, NIDA foundation, Hira, MFCD, SERENDIB and All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulema ACJU but we all Muslims know these all organisations are serving for the Sri Lankan Muslim Ummah. And some of these organisations are helping to non Muslims too.

I think these extremist Buddhist organisation are thinking that these people and organisations who serve the Sri Lankan Muslim Ummah are their enemies.

Read BBS statement in Sinhala language

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2 Responses to Bodubalasena trying to divide the Sri Lankan Muslim Ummah

  1. DR AJMAL HASSAN says:

    It is is a crucial time for Sri lanka. this is not a matter of Muslim. innocent Muslim will tolerate whatever happens. but the victory going to be for the foreign influences.the try to devide the nation using the LTTE. They realized it would never they need a political strategy to enter UN here.the bodubalasena is trying to open a door form.FEAR ABOUT MUSLIM is a baseless halusination. muslims and sinhalese are blood relatives. no body can ruin it.if the Muslims had wanted to betray sinhalese, they could have given their support to LTTE. I DO VERY HUMBLY REQUEST THE understand that who and who back them.WE RESPECT -WE LIKE LORD BUDDHA AND HIS NOBLE PREACHINGS. BUT NEVER WE ACCEPT EXTREMIST BUDDHISM LIKE THIS.THIS IS A SHAME FOR GOLDEN HEARTED MAJORITY SINHALESE PEOPLE.

  2. Ramesh says:

    ha ha Islamic lecture? the Zakeer? basted! he is the one who spreding hate among muslims to hate others!!!! Go and review what happeed in Beruwala between thwheed jamath nad traditional muslims! Is it organized by BBS? Get lost men! When TJ attack it is ok! if others, then the issue. Go and fly a kite!

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